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6 weeks


Tuesdays 6-8 p.m.

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A 6-week online synchronous learning experience for women who think different, make a difference, and work to make systems different. This program will help you stop putting the life you love on hold and start living a life full of meaning, satisfaction, and joy. Learn how to stop trying so hard to be the right thing for everyone else and pursue deep fulfillment with ease instead of effort. 

Each week we will:

  • explore a new theme, 
  • engage in a shared, weekly life design practice, 
  • discuss challenges and successes you encounter while practicing designing a life you love.

Throughout the course, you will also receive 1-1, personalized, voice message support from the course instructor in response to questions or challenges you're experiencing.

Reinvent Your Career

The first step begins with understanding yourself.

Often we think the solution to feeling better in our lives is to make something in the outside world change. But usually once we get what we want, the positive hit is short lived and we find ourselves back in that endless loop of seeking fulfillment but never really experiencing it. This course will support you in creating fulfillment in the midst of your current life while building a future you love.

It’s especially good for women who:

  • Want to reimagine their career
  • Are experiencing a significant transition in life
  • Have a sense that something more is possible, but don’t know how to create it or move in that direction consistently
  • Feel insecure no matter how good their life looks on the outside
  • Struggle to slow down and relax
  • Want to consistently love (instead of love-hate) their relationships with others
  • Feel lack of meaning unless they are making a difference for someone else 
  • Want to enjoy being alone just as much as spending time with others

You'll Learn

Week 1 - Create Fulfillment Inside (and Out)

Explore ways women get stuck searching for fulfillment outside of themselves and how to reconnect with what fulfills you deeply inside so you can bring this into your life today. Learn to grow your energy and open yourself to even more inspiring possibilities in life.

Week 2 - The Only Thing Standing Between You and a Life You Love

That's right! It's only one thing. And it's certain to show up as you begin fulfilling YOU. We'll explore what this is, how it tries to stop you in your tracks, and what you can do to get unstuck. Learn to know the difference between genuine disinterest and self-sabotage so you can fulfill your desires consistently.

Week 3 - Allow Yourself to Dream and Vision

Dreaming and visioning often sound more stressful and scary than helpful. Or just unnecessary. Explore why vision is essential for women who want to fulfill their lives and clarify your vision even if you've never really known what you want. Learn to "plan" and move towards your vision in a way that works with women's superpowers and life's dynamic nature instead of feeling like you're always failing to follow through on your dreams.

Week 4 - Move Towards Vision Everyday

Now, that you have a vision, how do you move towards it without blowing up your current life or giving up? Practice tiny actions guaranteed to free up energy and time to make your vision a reality. Learn to make hard decisions with ease instead of second-guessing. And never again feel trapped waiting for something outside of you to magically change your life.

Week 5 - Allow Yourself to Be Seen

Learning to let yourself be seen for who you are, not just for the difference you make for others can be complicated for women. But as we allow ourselves to be seen, we experience deep fulfillment that's not dependent on others or the outside world. Explore ways to see and accept more of who you are so you can start allowing yourself to just be instead of trying so hard. Learn embodied ways to feel resourced, safe, and connected to yourself in any context.

Week 6 - Create Structures to Propel Your Fullest Life

Learn to structure your day and life so that you’re just as good at creating results you love for your life as you are at getting things done for everyone else. (Even if you’ve always resisted structuring your life.) Move beyond struggling to maintain momentum designing a life you love on your own and explore ways of creating structures that keep you living life on your own terms, support you in motivating without heaping pressure on, and play to women's strengths.

BONUS - Identify Future Possibilities You Love

One of the hardest things about reinventing ourselves in a significant way is knowing what we really love and want before we experience it. Why take a giant leap into something new if you don’t really know that you like it? In this asynchronous module, you will learn to have conversations that get you one step closer to knowing what you want to do with your career. Expand your sense of possibility (or even land yourself a job) using this tried and true method. 

Molly sitting invitingly on a bench at a park

Instructor: Molly Ware, Ph.D.

I've spent most of my life as an educator working to create systems where all can thrive and realize their fullest potential.

But at some point, I realized I wasn't thriving in life. After enrolling in a life coaching program for women, I began connecting with what I loved and wanted for my life. With this newfound vision, I began choosing new, fulfilling ways to live and learned to stop repeating old, dissatisfying patterns. My life now feels very different: Fulfilling. Joyful. Creative. Spacious. Purposeful. Free.

Building on what I’ve learned through coaching clients, trainings with Coaches Rising, the Strozzi Institute, and trauma-sensitive mindfulness communities along with 20 years as an experiential educator, I am excited to support women in living lives they love. I offer learning experiences designed with the strengths of smart, creative women who think different in mind. My work builds on what I have learned in my own journey home after years of struggle.

Learn more about me at

NOTE: Though in person attendance at class sessions will be most beneficial, class sessions will be recorded and made available for those who need to miss a session.

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