Start Date and Duration

1/23 - 3/17
Mondays and Wednesdays


8 sessions
Zoom sessions 1/25 and 3/15
6 - 8 p.m. (PST)

Location and Format



2.4 CEUs



Early Bird/Alumni Rate
(ends 12/16): $995
Regular Rate: $1,299

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Program Details

The course covers an overview of non-profit basics, including the management skills required of non-profit employees. Topics include both the function and structure of a non-profit, best practices in shared governance, budgeting; and legal requirements at state and federal levels.


Each week’s focus consists of PowerPoints, articles, videos and audios by the instructor. Two Zooms sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 6-8 p.m. and Wednesday, March 15, 6-8 p.m. Interact in written weekly discussions, and complete one short paper relating to non-profit management by the end of the course.

Technology Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Ability to access canvas LMS

Reinvent Your Career

This course is designed for project managers and coordinators, individuals who are currently working for a non-profit or who aspire to, and those who want to start a non-profit. By the end of the course, you’ll understand best practices, and how to lead (or manage) a non-profit in today’s world. You’ll also have a clear understanding of the structure and functions of a non-profit, and be able to apply this knowledge to the non-profit of your choice.

You'll Learn

Key components of the workshop include several focused areas of non-profit management. Gain an understanding of the purpose, vision and mission of an organization and its place in society, including a historical overview of non-profits in the U.S. Review basics of non-profit shared governance including the director/CEO, staffing, boards and volunteers. Basics of budgeting (financial management) will be reviewed, along with organizational budgeting and project budgeting. The last key component concerns legalities, and what it takes legally to start and continue a non-profit. In this course you will also network with other professional in the non-profit sector. 

Week 1: Introduction and Expectations of the Course
Introduction to the Canvas course setup; introduction to the instructor; introduction to non-profit management (including a general historical overview of non-profits in the U.S. and NGOs internationally); requirements and expectations. 

Week 2: Structures and Functions of Non-Profits
The purpose, vision and mission of a non-profit; how to create a vision statement; how to create a mission statement; revising vision and mission statements. Creating unique structures based in context.

Week 3: Shared Governance
Understanding the role of the executive (executive director or CEO); staff managers; board of directors; volunteers. How do they interact? Various examples of governance structures, including bureaucracies; team governance.

Week 4: Budgeting, Part 1
Review different types of non-profit budgets, beginning with an organization’s annual budget. Understanding various ways to present the budget; zero-based budgeting, and more.

Week 5: Budgeting, Part 2
Detailed project budgeting; requirements; key components; who is responsible? Participants share examples of budgets they may have helped to construct previously. 

Week 6: Legalities, Part 1
Concentration on requirements in the State of Washington, with links to specific state bureaus; forms and formats for starting a non-profit (usually referred to as a corporation by the State of Washington); governance requirements; fees; required annual reporting.

Week 7: Legalities, Part 2
Introduction to federal non-profit 501(c)3 designations; requirements; annual federal tax requirements. Participants write a review essay, to include some strategic planning for an organization of their choice.

Week 8: Paper and Conclusion 
Participants submit their review essay, to include strategic planning for an organization of their choice. Informal sharing session and participation in a Zoom session.


Dominique Coulet du Gard has been a faculty member at Western Washington University since 2005, specializing in non-profit management, social entrepreneurship, and grant writing. She has maintained a consulting business for over 30 years, helping numerous individuals and organizations express their worth and realize their dreams. Dominique has completed consulting work with social and medical services, arts organizations and historical societies and museums. She especially enjoys consulting with individual start-ups (for-profit and non-profit) to create meaningful management, budgeting and legalities navigating local, state, and federal requirements. Her work has spanned the U.S. (predominantly Delaware, Arizona, and Washington) and abroad (Myanmar and Ghana).

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