Start Date and Duration

3 Days


15 hours of instruction

Location and Format

Hybrid - Blended


1.5 CEUs



Early Bird/Alumni Rate $1,250
Regular Registration: $1,399

Program Details

Over the course of three days, you will learn how professionals strategize on how to manage national sports teams. Areas of focus will include managing, revenues, sports analytics and DEI in sports. You will have the opportunity to interact with leadership in the sports world during panel sessions.

 Mornings will be spent learning about the sports world in a classroom setting. On Friday, July 22 (day 1) attendees will meet at Lumen Field. On days 2 and 3, attendees will meet at McCaw Hall. In the afternoons, there will be panel discussions with sports executives. Included in the registration fees are tickets to the Mariners game on 7/22, Sounders match on 7/23 and Storm game on 7/24.

 Learn about the broad sports business ecosystem, and in the process:

 Gain an overview of key revenue and expenses in sports across pro, college and amateur sports.

  • Discover how analytics is applied to ticketing, sponsorship and fan engagement.
  • Cover contemporary trends in sports venue design to meet the needs of today’s fans.
  • Discuss the logistics of building a sports start-up (i.e. new expansion team) from scratch.
  • Discuss recent progress in diversity and equality initiatives in the sports industry.
  • Review recent transformational changes to the business of college athletics.

Reinvent Your Career

This seminar will touch on many key business subdisciplines and topical issues: analytics, marketing, management, leadership, customer engagement and branding.

Registrants should be able to apply lessons learned from these various sports examples and draw parallels, comparisons and contrasts to other industries, including their own.

You'll Learn

Day 1

  • The basics of how/why cash flows the way it does throughout pro, college and amateur sports.
  • Why sports venues look and function the way they do today.
  • Why sports ownership has become about real estate development.
  • Specific lessons about the business of baseball.

Day 2

  • How/why analytics can support business functions for sports teams/leagues such as ticket pricing, selling tickets, customer acquisition and selling corporate sponsorships.
  • How/why the business of college sports has changed so dramatically.
  • Specific lessons about the business of soccer.

Day 3

  • How teams and leagues are addressing DEI in sports.
  • Trends in the usage of digital/social media and differences in digital marketing across leagues.
  • Lessons about athlete management (agents) and player development.
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