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Each session is 4.5 hours


2 half days: 1/28 and 2/4
noon - 4:30 p.m.

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Program Details

This workshop, taking place on two half days (1/28 and 2/4 between noon and 4:30 p.m.), provides a fundamental understanding of and skills for building and sustaining accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion (ADEI) in the workplace. It encourages participant engagement and enhances knowledge and skills around ADEI issues through large group discussions, PowerPoint presentations and small group (Zoom break-out rooms) exercises focused on practical applications to the workplace. The workshop examines the societal influences of bias and discrimination that can unconsciously creep into decision-making and identifies tools to overcome them; examines critical key civil rights employment laws, helping participants to understand their rights and responsibilities at work; provides practical tools for engaging in self and organizational ADEI assessments; and explores strategies on how to create a more inclusive workplace climate, where everyone feels valued.

Reinvent Your Career

This workshop will help you to gain a deeper understanding of ADEI issues and develop critical practical skills needed to insure inclusion in today’s workplace. Whether you are an employee, supervisor, or student, this workshop will provide you knowledge and skills in developing, maintaining and enhancing your workplace cultural climate, ensuring that it is one in which differences are respected and valued and one which ensures equitable and fair treatment.

  1. Explore how implicit bias affects our decisions in evaluative processes we routinely engage in—promotion, hiring, evaluation, salary, etc. Learn how implicit bias develops and how to: 1) recognize your own implicit bias; 2) identify when it occurs in the workplace; and 3) actively work to overcome it.
  2. Examine how employment discrimination laws that affect us daily in the workplace responded to historical and institutional discrimination in the workplace that needed and still needs to be effectively addressed. Increase your knowledge of key relevant employment laws that serve to protect you and your colleagues.
  3. Acquire new skills in assessing where you are and where your organization is with respect to ADEI issues; engage in practical exercises of self and organizational ADEI assessment so you can develop a baseline for both and then work on implementing steps for future growth.
  4. Identify strategic approaches to ensure your organization can build infrastructure and empower people to develop, maintain and advance ADEI, in a sustainable way. Gain practical skills to ensure an inclusive climate through conducting periodic ADEI workplace assessments, developing relevant policies and procedures and ensuring accountability.

You'll Learn

Day 1 (Jan. 28)

Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Examine implicit bias and discrimination that arise from our socialization process and how society impacts us. Learn to identify the dynamics of implicit bias, stereotyping and prejudice and their impact in the workplace—specifically on our decision-making and how we view and treat others. Take a self-assessment of your own implicit bias through Harvard’s Implicit Association Test and engage in skill-building to actively work to recognize, mitigate and overcome implicit bias.

Employment Discrimination Laws

Review key civil rights employment discrimination laws; gain a historical and contextual understanding of how these laws arose from the civil rights movement and their relevance today; enhance your knowledge of key laws, their applicability to your workplace, how to implement them effectively and the avenues they provide for redress of discrimination. Enhance your understanding of these laws to ensure an equitable and inclusive workplace for yourself and others. Major laws focused on include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. 

Day 2 (Feb. 4)

ADEI Self and Organizational Assessment

Learn that to move forward on ADEI issues in your organization, you must first assess where you and your organization are. Understand more about where you are and how to develop your ADEI knowledge and skills by taking a personal self-assessment. Learn about the Multicultural Organizational Development Model and engage in an ADEI assessment of your organization. These practical exercises of self and organizational ADEI assessment will enable you to develop a baseline for both, and they will provide you the needed assessments necessary to implement steps for future growth.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace - What You Can Do

Explore how to strategically build capacity in your organization to undertake and center ADEI work. Identify practical steps to train others in your organization to work towards your goals of equity and inclusion as a team. Engage in exercises to build practical skills in insuring that your organization learns to use an “inclusion lens” in all it does, through policy assessment and development, on-going ADEI professional development, periodic workplace assessment and developing a plan to move forward.


Dr. Sue Guenter-Schlesinger has recently retired from Western Washington University where she has worked for 16 years. At Western, she served as Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity, and Title IX and ADA Coordinator. More recently Dr. Guenter-Schlesinger served as Special Assistant to the Provost for Education and Development, providing leadership on strategic initiatives for accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion (ADEI). Her efforts included managing the Provost’s Diversity and Inclusion Hiring Initiative and developing and facilitating an on-going ADEI senior leadership training program. Additionally, Dr. Guenter-Schlesinger has served as an adjunct faculty in Western’s College of Business and Economics where she has taught MBA classes on employment discrimination law. Before coming to Western, Dr. Guenter-Schlesinger served 14 years as Assistant Executive Vice President, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action at Utah State University. After earning her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from UCLA, Dr. Guenter-Schlesinger began her career with the University of Maryland’s European Division, directing an Army-funded program to help integrate women into the full-time Force. She then served as Director, Equal Opportunity for Headquarters, U.S. Amy, Europe, in Heidelberg, Germany for 10 years. Among her numerous awards and honors, Dr. Guenter-Schlesinger received a Presidential appointment to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS).

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