Guide to Program Selection

The types of Professional and Continuing Education Programs (PCE) offered at Western 

Whether you are looking for a single course to hone a skill, a series of courses to upskill and advance your current career or start a new career, WWU Professional & Continuing Education offers a variety of options to meet your professional and personal goals.  Flexibility is built into our programs to meet the needs of busy working adults. We offer non-credit and credit courses, and certificate programs. 

Non-credit Courses and Certificate Programs 

Non-credit courses and certificate programs are not offered for college credit. They provide professional and personal enrichment opportunities for non-matriculated students who do not need an academic degree or certificate. Non-credit programs are often shorter and more condensed than credit-bearing certificate programs. Non-credit programs generally address an area of skills development, general knowledge, or learning interest and are advantageous for those individuals looking to advance or change their career, continue to engage with Western, or simply learn something new. Some of these programs may lead to industry-recognized credentials. 

Non-credit programs and courses are not recorded on a Western transcript and federal financial aid is not available. Many of these certificate programs and courses offer continuing education units (CEUs) that are a nationally recognized standard for verifying successful completion of non-credit programs. Recognition of course and certificate completion is provided through WWU-OCE. 

Credit Courses and Certificate Programs 

Credit bearing courses and programs are designed for individuals interested in earning college credit and may be used towards a degree or certificate. These programs and courses have been reviewed and approved through a rigorous academic process at Western Washington University, and are associated with an Academic College or Academic Center. Credit offerings are posted on a Western transcript and may be eligible for federal financial aid. Example of credit certificates and courses at Western include: 

As a college or adult student, you can find a variety of PCE programs and courses that will work with your schedule. Join us for an intensive day long course, or longer certificate program. Or choose an online course and participate from anywhere in the world.